Feasibility Studies

We examine with objective criteria the viability prospects of a hotel investment whether it pertains to the creation of a new project or the buy-out of an existing one, in order to reduce the business risk of the investor. The study will provide a powerful tool that will highlight the competitive advantages, the financial capabilities, the challenges and the limitations, helping the investor to decide whether the business plan is viable.

We prepare the study of the market environment both at macroeconomic and microeconomic level.

We conduct a local market survey by examining the individual characteristics, the trends and the competition in order to determine how these factors may affect the investment.

We prepare a supply and demand analysis study where we position the proposed investment among the competition taking into account factors such as number of rooms and facilities, services, strong brand name, customer mix, occupancy, average room rates and total revenues.

We prepare financial forecasts and detailed profit and loss reports budgets and we evaluate the results of the financial metrics of the investment.

Hotel pre-opening planning

Lamway Hotel Management Group has a significant expertise in assuming the full implementation of a hotel investment starting from a zero basis. From the initial project conception until its opening or its continued operation, our services cover the entire process. With detailed analysis and recommendations concerning:

  • The basic concept of the project, developing it both from architectural and aesthetic point of view and from an operating standpoint.
  • The selection of architectural firms, construction companies, etc. for the design and configuration of the facilities, the functionality of the areas and the compliance with standards.
  • The market positioning of the project.
  • The standard and specifications for the purchase of FF&E and the selection of equipment suppliers.
  • The organization of work completion through deadline schedules.
  • The briefing of the ownership for the legislation pertaining to the operation of hotels and all the necessary measures that should be taken to meet the prerequisites.

We can provide advice on all of the above or on selected services of each phase of the development process, both for new constructions and major renovations that will create the need for hotel repositioning.

We connect the capital investment with the development of objectives and the operational realities. We ensure that the architectural vision is compatible with the original concept, is consistent with the budget and covers its operating needs and objectives, including the operating costs of the market positioning and pricing.

Hotel Operations Planning

For newly built hotels that are just beginning their operation or even for existing hotel companies who wish to acquire a more efficient management of their resources, based on proven professional standards, it is necessary the development of a Hotel Operations Plan.

The study begins with the clarification on the part of the owner of the expectations and vision for the business. Afterwards, a detailed business plan is created that will highlight with specific actions and goals the direction that should be followed.

A marketing plan will be created with major topics, the analysis of the product, the area and the market, finding the most appropriate market segments, considering the existing competition both in the broader area where it is to operate and the local area, the marketing strategy with defined objectives, the SWOT analysis and the advertising plan.

The sales plan follows by setting room price per period and per segment and the sales promotion of the hotel domestically and abroad.

A detailed operating manual will set the standard of operations for each department and job position and the appropriate pricing for each product and service will be determined.

The staff requirements, the duties and responsibilities along with their working schedule will be defined.

A detailed payroll budget and a detailed budget profit and loss report will be prepared.

Hotel Management

Our vision is to achieve the best results through our unique approach of hospitality management. We plan centrally, we implement decentralized. Our services begin from the development of the strategies that will add value to all stakeholders: The property, the guests, the employees. We are based on a goal-oriented organization of services with inventive management solutions. We provide model systems, tools, guidance and techniques to our talented team members to make the difference: to achieve a higher market share, satisfied guests and superior financial performance for our business partners.

We emphasize on customer-oriented operating philosophy of the hotel unit focusing our efforts on the guest’s experience.

Meanwhile, we survey recent developments in technology infrastructure to identify areas that offer opportunities for increased growth and performance that maximize the economic benefits.

We provide financial reports on a regular basis, based on international standards that ensure a systematic monitoring of the financial picture of the business, data accuracy and transparency. Our ability to receive timely, informed decisions based on objective data, gives our customers a significant competitive advantage.

Having a long history in the tourism sector and dealing with a sufficient number of hotels, we hold in many cases a purchasing power that allows us to supply products and services from leading suppliers and brands at discounted prices, which we then offer to our hotels.

Sales & Marketing Management

In an ever growing, competitive environment such as the hospitality sector, the challenges related to the marketing strategy and sales are ongoing.

On the other hand, independent hoteliers often lack the resources, the budget or the loyalty programs of major international hotel companies. Therefore, they lose a market share from the competition and they are not able to exploit the true potential of their revenues.

Seeking to support hotels and accommodation units that wish to plan and develop their organic growth, increase sales and maximize their revenues, we have created Hotelising. Maintaining strong ties with Lamway, Hotelising is an independent sales and marketing management operator for hotel owners and accommodation units.

With our long, in-depth experience in Sales and Revenue management of the hospitality industry, we offer personalized services in a wide range of businesses, from city hotels to luxurious boutique accommodations. We create a customized action plan that is consistent with the profile of your property. A plan that will bring your business close to the key players, such as individual travelers, travel agents and tour operators, conference organizers as well as companies and organizations.

We act as the necessary extension of the marketing and sales department of your company, offering a privileged position among the main players of the industry.

With substantial knowledge of the behavior, the needs, the requirements and the purchasing power of the travel market, we are able to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Hotel Leasing

Lamway leases selected hotels, with long term contracts, that match its standards and specifications. By using this method, property owners are released from the responsibility of operating the business, while their property becomes a member of a hotel chain with sufficient expertise to upgrade the business in terms of quality standards of operation, provided services and of brand awareness.

In most cases, the properties receive a major renovation plan in order to cope with the ever increasing competition which leads to a significant increase of style, quality of services and total turnover.

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